09 Dec '16

100-Year-Old 'HOE 1' Plate on Sale for...

Plymouth Hoe


There are plenty of plays with the number plate characters ‘C I T Y’ embossed across the front and rear swathes of vehicles’ on UK roads today, but there is only one ‘HOE 1’ number plate on for sale in all its glory, and uniqueness.

Having been made for sale to the UK-wide public for a grand £32,000, the ‘HOE 1’ is special for its affinity to a famous location dubbed ‘The Hoe’ in a quiet southern UK city, with an identical name to that of the American muscle brand, ‘Plymouth’. 

The owner, a retired doctor Richard Naish, sells his now-famous number plate from his exuberant-looking pride and joy; the exquisite and classy 1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom. It’s a name we can all connect with as the now-BMW-bought-brand still shines to this day, still in its most pristine condition.


HOE 1 number plate on rolls-royce


Naish pointed out the number plate’s age to be well into the three figures at over 105 years old, with the conception of the ‘HOE 1’ number plate said to be dated back all the way to 1910, for the highly-sought after ‘1’ in the registration nomenclature. 

To further impose a ‘prompt sale’, Naish noted the city of Plymouth to be the ‘perfect’ city to adopt one of the finest and oldest vintage number plates in the country and will make every effort to ensure it reaches there with a new appreciative owner. 

The Rolls-Royce, however, is not for sale – as it’s a car Richard has put hard work and sweat into its restoration since obtaining the vehicle at a prestigious auction at Goodwood. 

Moreover, the plate found exceptional fame and attention when Richard’s nephew and his wife took a wedding photo in front of the Rolls-Royce and its cherished number plate. 

We feel that a more appropriately themed number plate; a custom show plate themed in wedding creative would have completed the entire photo-op, however, a vintage number plate in black and decked with white text matches the white dress and black suit just as wonderfully. Good choice.


show plates in dubai

And where some show plates and vintage plates can be sold for up to £32,000, in other parts of the world (more specifically the middle east), number plates are seen to be more desirable with affixation to wealth and status. 

Meet the man who parted $9 million (£7.1 million) for a number plate encompassing the coveted number ‘5’. 

Property developer Balwinder Sahni bought the highly sought-after number plate at a government auction earlier this without hesitation, having also recently bought the number ‘9’ plate too.


dubai number 5 number plate


A serial “show plate” acquirer, Sahni found the spree of purchases brought him attention and turned him into one of Dubai’s host of eccentric celebrities. 

He mentioned he now finds it ‘difficult to go outside without the swarm of onlookers and local fans stopping him and asking for a photo’. 

For ‘a simple man’ as he describes himself, Sahni, believes he doesn’t deserve the attention and fame ‘show plates’ have given him, and would like to continue living a normal life. 

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