02 Dec '16

6 Exciting Cars to Watch for in 2017

6 exciting cars to watch for in 2017

1) LaFerrari Aperta

This limited edition spider version of the £1 Million LaFerrari coupe is sure to set hearts pounding with its super sleek looks and symphonic V12 Electric – Petrol Hybrid engine. One of the main differences between the Aperta and the Coupe version of the LaFerrari is the removable roof that is available with the Aperta. This is coupled with various tweaks and modifications to improve body rigidity in the vehicleDue to the limited production run of the LaFerrari Aperta, it is likely to be a future classic and highly sought after by high-end car collectors all over the world. A more detailed look at this stunning machine can be seen in the promo video below:



2) Alpina B5

If BMW's M division adds some extra fire to a BMW's belly, then Alpina adds some Napalm, and it certainly has done that with the upcoming  Alpina B5. Expected to bring to the party close to 600 bhp from its 4.4 Litre Turbocharged engine hitting the 0 – 62 in close to 4 seconds, this Fast BMW is expected to hit showrooms in 2017 and is the one to buy if you are in the market for a fast BMW which is more than just an ordinary BMW.

3) Fisker Emotion

Fisker is to Tesla what Lex Luthor is to Superman, with the release of the visually striking Fisker Emotion pegged for mid-2017 this Electric vehicle is claimed to offer a range of 400 miles which is extremely high for an electric vehicle, thanks to the use of innovative new batteries. Potentially the Emotion can reach a top speed of 161 miles per hour. Could this be the Kryptonite that Fisker is looking for? We shall see.The Emotions certainly looks to live up to its name with its, ultra-futuristic styling and butterfly wing scissor doors, this electric vehicle makes the Tesla Model S look positively tame in comparison. One to watch for 2017.



4) Bristol Bullet

Ultra classic British roadster styling married to rock solid German technology, that is the best way to describe the latest offering from the niche British marque Bristol Cars called the  Bristol Bullet. Announced for launch in 2017 and expected to be priced at around the £250,000 mark the Bullet's beautifully contemporary take on 60's styling with a very clear nod to the famous AC Cobra is a welcome alternative to the traditional sports car choices available at that price point. Definitely, one to stand out from the crowd and blow them away at the traffic lights, and with the Bullet's 4.8ltr V8 pumping out 370 bhp reaching 0 - 62 in 3.8 seconds, you probably will.



5) Mercedes – Maybach S650 Cabriolet

Based on the AMG-tuned £193,300 Mercedes S65 Super Saloon, the Merc Maybach S650 cabriolet adds drop top option to what is essentially the S-Class lineup under the Maybach brand. Although the technical spec is very similar to the AMG S65 in terms of the engine and power outputs, the Maybach is just something special, with its own distinct interior mated to Mercedes tech. Only 300 of these drop-top models are planned for production so collectors and enthusiasts with deep pockets are bound to be clambering after them when launched. Expected to be priced over £250,000 on launch, this is likely to be another future classic.



6) Techrules GT96

Could China be the Japan of tomorrow, with innovative companies like Techrules, it could even exceed the Japanese Motor industry. Due to start production in late 2017, the Techrules GT86 is a Plugin Hybrid supercar which based on the concept presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 can potentially push from standing to 60 mph in a blistering 2.5 seconds, that is serious speed. With the concepts' 1030 bhp power output and innovative hybrid technology, it could easily hold its own against a McLaren or Bugatti. Chinese manufacturers are certainly showing excellent potential with cars like the GT96, one to see in 2017.



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