05 Dec '12

Investment? Or Money Down the Drain?


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When buying your ideal number plates, finding a combination which suits you is great news and if its affordable, you will most likely purchase it.  But when purchasing in hope for a good return in years to come, sometimes you have to be more careful in what you actually buy. 

Across the world there have been reports of many combinations that achieve a ridiculous amount of money, but in the real world, not many have the money to buy that combination back off an investor trying to sell on for a profit. Many factors have to be considered such as the initial cost of the investment, the profit you want to make, the population it could mean something to and finally the potential buyers you could achieve. 

Our Advice on What to Buy!

 If you are the type who likes investing instead of leaving money in the bank, invest in quality and be the first to get your hands on what is popular to the open world out there. For example if you're buying a combination which reads a name, make sure it's a near perfect name plate, and also make sure that there are plenty of people with that name who may be interested if you ever did advertise to sell in the years to come. Also, keep in mind your budget on your investment and stick to it as you need to take into account that not everyone will spend as much as you have on a number plate, even though it may seem perfect, unless of course you got your eyes on a potential rich customer.

Private number plates are one of the best changes you could make to any vehicle, but when investing in hope for making money, if you're not careful on what you buy, you could end up having to keep what you've bought for a long time or sell off at a loss. 

Create great looking Road Legal Number Plates or Novelty Show Plates

Our Number Plate Builder has an extensive range of options you could add to your show plates or custom road legal number plates, allowing you to see what your replacement number plates or novelty plates will look like, before you pay for them.

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