02 Dec '16

Show Plates or Stickers: Which is best?

show plates vs. show stickers, which one is best?

Sometimes to conjure a statement, or more specifically, provide advance warning of imminent penalties should you disobey the law of the land - requires innovative thinking.

Often than not, the good ol’ fashioned way of doing things takes the cake; sticky notes. But if that doesn’t cut it… there’s plenty of more options to say what you want to say. Depending on what type of medium you choose, it can severely affect the placement of your message, and it’s integrity.

Question: If you had seen a handwritten post on a napkin attached to the front windscreen of your car with sellotape, and the following words “£100 fine for parking wrongly”... would you take it seriously?


Here’s our incomprehensive list of 4 conventional pearls of wisdom of using signage to address important messages, with our brief thoughts on each one.

train depot weathered wooden signage

Wooden board

First on our list is the wooden board. Versatile and relatively strong compared to a card or even thin plastic signage board, this type of material is incredibly practical, used in a multitude of patchy locations including forests, woodlands and in the back garden too.

It’s not uncommon to see wooden board signage imprinted with stencilled bright paint.

The major downside to this material form, however, is the rate of which the board is degraded over time may not be ideal for environments where it’s a permanent fixture.

Over time, this board below will prove difficult to read, and it’ll defeat the purpose of the intended message “NO PARKING” to have been made very clear.

private parking spray painted to a wall


When creativity hits the cement sack, it’s not surprising some business end up staring at a wall.

And literally too. Far from the ingenuity of the works’ of Banksy, some businesses keep it very real and “old-school” with the spray paint and a blank canvas of brick walls.

road signs with no parking


From the wall to the road, some private residents may take it to the asphalt to address their messages from.

Often used as a messaging platform towards other drivers to be wary of parking in the vicinity, “NO PARKING” signs are becoming ever more common on UK roads.

It should be noted, it can cause problems should you park a vehicle on a dropped kerb blocking a private residents drive.

And despite a bold statement, lettering on the road can often go unnoticed, and can have a driveway looking as though it’s the entrance to a hospital.

We find there are better alternatives to shouting on the road with text and numbers.

no parking sticker on a car


The most common way to present “NO PARKING” signs is to use stickers easily obtained from any online marketplace online; eBay and Amazon come to mind.

Very easy to affix on anything smooth and tough, stickers can be easily visible if they’re in bright in colour and large in size.

However, stickers don’t come without huge drawbacks. Depending on how strong the sticky-side is, stickers can likely peel off after a short burst of torrential rain.

Add the wind to the mix, and you’ll find yourself back on eBay asking the seller how you can exercise your rights to the money-back guarantee policy.

reserved parking show plate signs

Custom Show Plates

A superior form of displaying signage, and custom messages on property inside and outside because of high-durability, is to use show plates (or fancy number plates).

Used on millions of vehicles on the road today, it can be argued number plates stand the test of time and harsh weather, whatever the season.

Add reflective material to the mix and you have yourself an “NO PARKING” signage board anyone can identify without effort.

Show Plates can be affixed to anything; external and internal walls of company premises to the private residence.

Make a statement with show plate that’s designed to last a lifetime, and being easy to clean and wipe should it get scuffed.

Show plates can be purchased from any reputable number plate supplier such as


To order your “NO PARKING” signs or any text for that matter - why not design messages on show plates using our easy-to-use fancy plates builder?


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