17 Nov '16

How To Buy A 17 Reg Plate

How to buy a17 number plates

DVLA Release 17 Reg Plates in the UK


It wasn’t too long ago the UK registration plates with 66 nomenclatures were released, so why is your local snooker club filled with talks of the 17 registration plates so soon?


Turns out, they’re out already.

Well in theory, anyway.


New 17 vehicle registration plates are already whipping up discussions regarding their physical availability in the coming year, but more so, it’s the certificates for exclusive cherished number plates you want to get your hands on.


Since November 15th, 2016, anyone in the UK can register their interest for new 17 registration plates with certificates of ownership rights to exclusive plates sold this minute on. And you too can register your interest in purchasing highly sought-after plates from the huge 8 million new number plates added to circulation.


New and exciting possibilities of character and number combinations mean you’ll be seeing for the first time; “BU17DER” and “BR17TON” number plates in their proper forms. That’s if you’re quick off the mark, though, as you’ll need to register your interest in these plates immediately.


Where to Register Your Interest For 17 Reg. Plates?


The easiest way for you to register your intent on purchasing an MY17 registration number plate is through online private plate sellers such as


Private plate sellers such as the one mentioned help you procure issued number plates that have been tracked down with the likelihood of being made available for sale. However, unique to the case of un-issued registration plates such as the coming 17 nomenclature, specialist websites can help you stay in front of the queue in purchasing highly-valued number plates. 


To Buy a 17 Reg Plate, You Don’t Have to Own a New Vehicle


Since the numbers 17 can identify as either ‘N’, ‘R’, ‘L’, ‘IT’ and ‘LT’, there’s plenty of new words and lettering combinations the numbers 17 can geometrically reflect.


We’ve scoured the DVLA database and found few of the more striking 17 Reg plate examples for you to potentially grab up this minute on.


Here’s a rundown of our 8 favourites:

#BU17 DER / Builder


Builder 17 reg number plate









#BR17 TAN / Britain


Shows number plate with Britain as text


#PA17 RTY / Party



#BU17 TON / Burton



#OR17 NGE / Orange



#TE17 LEY / Tetley



#WA17 TER / Walter



#SU17 TAN / Sultan



Looking for A Reputable Plate Maker So You Can Design Your 17 Reg Plate?


If you’re deciding to attach your 17 plates in the coming months ahead with the release of new vehicles in 2017, look no further than Angel Plates to provide you with the high-quality set of replacement number plates.


Use our simple-to-use plate maker tool to design your 17 Reg plates...

and if you're quick off the mark and order before 2pm, we'll ship them out to you on the same day!


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Our Number Plate Builder has an extensive range of options you could add to your show plates or custom road legal number plates, allowing you to see what your replacement number plates or novelty plates will look like, before you pay for them.

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