07 Nov '16

How To Use Our Plate Maker | VIDEO



This video is a quick guide on how to use our show plate maker. You can create show plates for a range of applications such as car motor shows, household signs or just to give as a gift. Show plates are for text usage such as names, messages or warnings etc. Show plates use the same materials as road legal number plates but are not for registration numbers as the design on novelty show plates does not conform to legal standards set out by the DVLA.

To buy road legal number plates that display a vehicle registration number (VRM), please select the Road Legal option on the number plate builder. Supporting evidence needs to be provided for road legal number plates that display a VRM. This does not apply to novelty show plates that do not display a VRM. 

Create great looking Road Legal Number Plates or Novelty Show Plates

Our Number Plate Builder has an extensive range of options you could add to your show plates or custom road legal number plates, allowing you to see what your replacement number plates or novelty plates will look like, before you pay for them.

Design Your Plates

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