05 Oct '16

Motor Home and Caravan Show 2016

The Motorhome & Caravan Show 2016


The biggest, all-inclusive caravan event of the year is scheduled once again to hit the UK; it will, without a doubt, be towing all caravan fanatics with it.  Like the past annual Motorhome and Caravan Shows (MCS) that bought a whole new dimension to the caravan industry, this year’s show will not fail to deliver excellence. The unprecedented annual Motorhome and Caravan Shows, always scout the most innovative means to entertain their guests, and this year it will do just that and perhaps more. Whether you are a new, amateur caravan owner and are eager to learn all about caravans or a senior caravan tower, wanting to celebrate your love for caravans, this show will meet all your needs and interests. With a fully adventure- charged, adrenaline inducing and mind-blowing line-up of activities and shows, you are bound to get lost in the glitz and glamour of caravan bliss. You know you want to be there, and here’s exactly why the show is incredible…


One of the effective persuasive tools used by the MCS organisers this year, is an open invitation to towing lessons. An attractive call to those with zero to absolute basic knowledge of towing – ‘Get behind the wheel of a Jeep for a FREE caravan towing lesson!’ everyone is served. Everyone is happy. You know very well that turning, reversing and just simply driving when you have a caravan attached to your car is extremely difficult. And no matter how much you read or watch you can never really know how, until you put your knowledge to practice. That’s why this show will benefit you tremendously. With expert advice from ‘The Camping and Caravanning Club’, you can learn and drive simultaneously – brushing up on your skills or giving it a go for the first time.


Now for those of you with some towing experience under your belt, a motorhome manoeuvring course should definitely move you enough to come along. See how you tow under pressure with an expert instructor examining your every move as you work through obstacles on the course. What an adventure lined up!


The Motorhome & Caravan Show 2016


That may all seem great and sufficient enough to make you sign up for the event but know that MCS goes above and beyond free lessons and courses. We all like those cool facts about ingenious, scientific and a bit nerdy projects, right? Well, the show will not disappoint you in this department too. Once again, the show will showcase one of the most intrinsically manufactured caravan ever. Like last year, the Guinness World Record winner LEGO brick caravan will be at the show for you to drool over. It is made from a staggering number of 200,000 bricks and is fully electric and water supplied – I know, an ingenious creation waiting to be gawked at – oh and taken selfies with!


Talking about selfies, a caravan should be selfie verified – so it should be good looking enough to take a selfie with. And because buying a caravan is expensive – it’s not cheap to have a home on wheels so it shouldn’t look cheap or unwelcoming either. And that’s what Magnificent Morelo is all about. It’s expensive, luxurious and it’s a caravan masterpiece. Prepare to be amazed. Valued at over £320,000, the Morelo Empire prototype is a caravan that will be at the show for you to step into. The moment you step into this beauty, rest assured, you will be transported to caravan sanctuary with its comfortable, luxurious fittings and satin décor. This is a one-stop opportunity to a world of comfort and sleek design – come and experience Caravan sophistication at its absolute finest.


Morelo Empire Prototype at the Motorhome & Caravan Show 2016


The MCS organisers seem to have made every effort to make sure you will have an enjoyable time at the event, and will actually be able to attend. You, a caravan junkie who will blindly sign up for the event, will most likely not need any other reasons to convince you to come to the show, but your family, your children mostly may beg to differ. Since they are probably not as excited as you are about caravans. But that should not stop you from coming – or even stop them for resisting to come. If you say, wanna go camping? Or even better wanna go zip-wiring? Watch how their eyes widen and mouths open. And that’s exactly what you should say. This year the show has an exciting range of entertainment. You can camp-onsite by bringing along your caravan or motorhome and stay for the duration of the show. It’s like an extended day trip, a caravan-tastic adventure! Now, as well as camping on-site, you and your family can enjoy a near-reality zip wire experience that will take you to Wales! Buckle in to a seat and get exported to the skies of wales through the longest zip wire in Europe. Tell them this and bag your chance of attending the most exciting caravan and motor show event of the year!


Convinced to come? More like Compelled (don’t blame you!). It definitely sounds like a jam-packed event of caravan goodness. And should definitely not be missed by any caravan fanatic. So go ahead and book in your place for a discounted deal at the Motor Home and Caravan Show. But don’t just stop there. You are either a caravan owner or will be owning one soon so ensure you have a legal show plate attached to your caravan. If you need a replacement because yours is damaged, do so at Angel plates. Also, know that it’s not all about conforming to the law and uniformity, you can add special details like badges to your caravan number plates, and Angel plates is here to help you make your caravan as personalised as legally possible. Use our number plate generator for a fast and easy way to preview your plate.  Go on give it a go!

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