04 Dec '12

'13 Reg Number Plates cause website crash in UK



Many in the UK have secured their ideal 2013 combinations today however most couldn't get on the official website to buy their ideal number plates. Causes of this were pretty simple and expected due to the number of visitors the site would have received on this particular launch day for these much wanted series of number plates. Combinations like ST13 VES, ST13 VEN, XX13 XXX were all gone before most could even get on the site to search. It was like survival of the fittest, and let the fastest fingers win. Getting on the site if lucky enough meant quickly typing in your pre meditated choice and securing it before another does, and hoping for a smooth transaction without crashing and starting all over again. 

Number plates like the 13 series for 2013 vehicles proves the demand for custom number plates and potential investors and customers who want to secure their ideal plate. So the next time a series of combinations is due for release, remember to prepare or prepare to fail in securing your ideal number plate.

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