23 Sep '16

Why Personalising Your Car Is So Important

5 ways to personalise your car

When you buy a car you are investing in a vehicle of transportation. Initially, this is your primary reason of purchase, you want a car that is robust and economical enough to last a long time and in most cases your car will stick with you for a while. According to a study carried out by the app developer of skobbler, the UK’s leading iPhone sat nav app ‘GPS Navigation 2’, on average a modern British driver will spend approximately 29,492 hours in the driver’s seat in his/her lifetime. This means that most people will be in a four by four wall room with wheels and windows for 29,492 hours of their lifetime!

This significantly changes things as your car no longer remains a simple vehicle of transportation getting you from home to work and vice versa, it becomes a part of your life and your identity. Since the average person spends so much of their time in a car, it is an inevitable fact that a person’s car shapes the way others perceive him/her. So your car is essentially a blown up version of you. And just like your house that needs decorating and furnishing to represent you and your family, your car also needs to be a statement of your personality. In reality, your house is viewed only by the ones close to you, so the proportion of people making a judgement  on your identity based on your car, in comparison to your house is significantly higher. Also, when driving,  before any person passing by sees your clothes, hair or watch, they will see your car. So your car and how it is personally designed is just as or maybe even more so important than your choice of fashion and house deco. As it forms that first impression, that first image of your identity. And we all spend hours and hours on end shopping for clothes, and sorting out our outfits and checking ourselves out in the rear view mirror, because we know that how we look and present ourselves matters, it matters when going for an interview, when meeting friends and when going to work. It always has and will always matter.

In the same way then, we should ideally be spending time and energy on our cars, tailoring them to our interests to make them the best and most unique representation of our identity, and like Cinderella’s shoe that fits no other girl, our cars should only ever fit our identity. For this we have to make an effort - you see, cars are designed in bulk for a mass audience, no motor designer is thinking about YOUR personal needs and interests when manufacturing a car, which means what you buy is what others who bought the same make of car, brought. So how do you make a car special? How do you portray your identity? That’s where Angel Plates come to use. Today, we have compiled a list of the top 5 ways to make your car truly yours. These few strategies will help to add your personality to your car. And by following these steps, rest assured, no one can ever possibly have the same car as you!  

Top 5 Ways to Personalise Your Car

No.1 on our list today are no other than Custom Number Plates

Personalised Mercedes Number Plates Found In Bradford

Not just any number plates, but personalised number plates. This is the first plan of action we recommend to make your car truly yours. Number plates generally, without being personalised, are exclusive to every car. However, your number plate will leave a memorable impression of your car and of you in someone else’s mind. Often, a personalised number plate due to the phonetic arrangement and manipulation of letters, numbers and sounds are obviously recognisable as whole words. This means that with a personalised number plate, your car isn’t assigned a random selection of digits, but in fact your car has a name that has a value and meaning beyond numbers and letters. And there are so many interesting ways to personalise your number plate, from phonetic arrangement like KT = Katie and K8 = Kate, to your D.O.B or your wedding anniversary date, or the initials of all your family members. The options are endless because identity is not limited to a number, it holds an infinitive status, because it grows and changes. Whatever best describes you or whatever means the most is a good place to start when thinking about your number plate. If you need to replace your number plates if they have been cracked or damadged, we also produce replacement number plates at our sister site, Klick Plates!

No.2 on our list are Custom Wheels

Customised wheels and number plates

This is a very easy way to add dimension to your car, giving it a classy (if you want it to be) or a sporty finish, depending on what you choose. Currently, the custom wheels market is huge, with so much variety and option for customisation. If you like sharp and hollowly textured wheels then get them, if you want a bit of colour on the outer edge, add a bit of colour and if you want to recreate a retro car-inspired style, then go for it. You are definitely torn for choice. Which is perfect, as you are bound to find a type and form of wheel that suits you and your overall car theme.

No.3 on our list are HID light bulbs

HID Light Bulb Car Customisation

An acronym for High-Intensity Discharge headlamps. These are very, very cool with a light temperature that releases a subtle blue light, taking any car to the very cool and signature level. HID lights are not only great on the eyes but are a very efficient solution, with a good life. Colour is one of the easiest ways to represent your identity – the colour you like often gets translated in your choice of clothing and house decor. And although the HID light has only a blue undertone, the options of customising it with your car are endless. If blue is your favourite colour then great, use a HID light, but if blue isn’t your favourite colour, I can assure you that no matter what car you have and what colour it may be, the HID subtle blue light will compliment, accentuate or even take your car to a whole new level. It will definitely be a great, efficient and good looking addition to your car.

No.4 on our list are Vinyl Car Graphics

Vinyl Car Graphics

This is a creative way to add tons and tons of character to your plain, uniformed car. Stand out from the crowd, and get some easy-to-apply vinyl stickers! They can be bold patterns or flowers or just a simple stroke of colour and can be applied without any paint or brushes. Yes, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your vinyl design will become outdated for your identity since they are easily removable. And that is the reason why Vinyl Car Graphics are on our list. Personal identity changes over time, it’s constantly evolving as with everything in motion in our life. So when your vinyl design outgrows your identity, replace it for something else. It’s a simple way to make a bold and overtly expressive statement about your personality.

No.5 on our list are Trim Panels

Hello Kitty Trim Panel Customisation

So far, we have focused on exterior design only because that is the first and most seen aspect of a car. However, the interior also plays a big part in portraying your personal identity as it is what your friends and family see, it is what the people that matter see, so it should not only be clean and tidy but also well designed and special. Trim panels are like a fresh breath of air in a car, adding a bit of colour to liven up the interior and make it more personalised. You can even play about with the texture of your panels, making them edgy and striking or comfortable and cosy.

So there you have it, a quick rundown of the top 5 ways to personalise your car making it a one-of-a-kind vehicle of your identity. Yes, that’s right, vehicle of your identity. By now, hopefully you would have realised that your car plays a massive part in your life, and without your car you would not be able to get to the places that make up your identity. Getting to work during the week, the barber's shop on the weekend or the theme park during summer holidays with the family, all these identity-building destinations would nearly be impossible to get to without your car. Hence your car, in actual fact is your vehicle of identity, it is what you use to get to your identity. So, my friends, build your identity using a car that not only is unique but a car that best represents you.

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