19 Sep '16

Top 20 Concept Cars Of Recent Years

Being at a motor show is like stepping into a utopian world: a world in the distance future that is electrifyingly bright, intellectually bold and of course impedingly infectious on the heart and mind, leaving an indelible mark on your defenceless soul. But don’t sweat, today we have a near motor show experience for you that will not play with your soul – or at least it shouldn’t. We have compiled a list of the top 20 concept cars of recent years – scouted from top car shows of the year and unmissable mentions.  It’s a list, so it shouldn’t feel like a ‘real car show’ which should reduce your adrenaline and I-want-it-now attitude that often blurs the line between reality and perfection at motor show events.

No.1 - Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin DBX Concept Car

So the list begins with no other than Aston Martin DBX. A pearl in design and a ruby in class and finish, the Aston Martin DBX is specially designed with billet aluminium followed by a simple swipe Of Black Pearl Chromium fashioning an effortlessly smooth velvet finish. No.1 on the list for a bold signature look and a fully electric powered engine, ready to harvest future non-engine motors in the UK.

No.2 - Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept Car

Second on the list is another all electric motor with an impressive battery life, enabling drivers to reach 238 miles with just one charge. Chevrolet Bolt EV is an electric bolt of energy and colour, great on the eye and fast on the road.

No.3 - Hyundai Santa Cruz

Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept Car

Next up is a state-of-the-art truck with an unusually awesome design that will definitely cause a couple of heads to turn. Elegantly elongated with a cool toned grey design, the Hyundai Santa Cruz fits the bill of a futuristic family car that will please and provide for families of the future.

No.4 - Kia Stinger GT4

Kia Stinger GT4 Concept Car

The Kia Stinger GT4 sits respectively at number 4. Bright in design with a minimalist feel, a smooth and simple ride with the steering wheel connected to the car’s front wheel making driving a breeze. With transparent A-pillars, the Kia Stinger GT4 has a 270-degree view from the driver’s seat, setting a whole new dimension to windscreens and window views. 

No.5 - Lamborghini Asterion LP1910 – 4

Lamborghini Asterion LP1910 – 4 Concept Car

Behold no.5 on the list: the Lamborghini Asterion LP1910 – 4. With a heart accelerating and adrenaline inducing top speed of 199mph, Lamborghini Asterion LP1910-4 does not disappoint fanatics of its previous models. The concept is a leap in the future for Lamborghini with impressive power to reach 62mph from rest in reportedly 3 seconds.

No.6 - Baic Arcfox -7

Baic Arcfox -7 Concept Car

We then have Baic Arcfox -7, a smart and speedy car. With a mysteriously alluring, chessboard colour design, the Beijing auto show showstopper, Baic Arcfox-7 takes no chances and delivers as a sleek, electrifyingly smart concept car of the year. It has an impressive top speed of 162mph.

No.7 - Mercedes Maybach 6

Mercedes Maybach 6 Concept Car

No.7 on the list is the Mercedes Maybach 6. The super-speedy, visually-informative and fuel-efficient Mercedes Maybach 6 that debuted at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours Elegance, is a door to the future of staggering battery life and all-purpose built visual windscreen displays.

No.8 - Rolls Royce Next 103X

Rolls Royce next 103X Concept Car

At 8 we have a Rolls Royce. Shaming the mostly unresponsive Apple ‘Siri and taking it to an unprecedented level, the Rolls Royce Next 103X sitting at number 8,  has a virtual personal assistant namely Eleanor, guiding the driving duties of the driver that has nothing to do apart from endlessly travelling miles and miles on end.

No.9 - Mercedes Vision Van

Mercedes Vision Van Concept Car

Time for another Merc, 9th on the list is the Mercedes Vision Van. Because virtual personal assistants seem ludicrously unimaginable, the Mercedes Vision Van will boil your brain. A self-serving vehicle that does not act as a vehicle of transportation of goods but as a self-sufficient delivery system. It does not need a driver or a carrier or an organiser – it will drive, sort and deliver all by itself.

No.10 - Lexus LF – C2

Lexus LF – C2 Concept Car

Next up is Lexus LF – a blend of a fluorescent yellow and an antique gold creating a perfectly finesse mixture of jazz and vintage. A striking vehicle that will not miss the eyes of any concept car lover with an impressive open-air design letting air in to cool its happy passengers.

No.11 - Mini Vision Next 100

Mini Vision Next 100 Concept Car

Mini ups its game and is ranked no. 11 on our list. Driver-less cars seem to be a popular vehicle option at moto shows recently, but as with every vehicle on display at car shows, innovation is key and Mini Vision Next 100 does not fail to present novelty. Intricately designed like a virtual maid, the car obeys orders, collecting the ‘driver’ from any location that has been pre-programmed. The Taxi industry seems to be under threat in the far fully electric future.

No.12 - Mitsubishi Concept GC PHEV

Mitsubishi Concept GC PHEV Concept Car

And 12th on the list is Mitsubishi Concept GC PHEV. It runs smoothly on the road with an electronic all-wheel drive system that has a name: Super All-Wheel Control. It delivers more than any other wheel, handles the car with poise and accuracy making it a perfect car for a SUV offer.

No.13 - Infiniti Q80

Infiniti Q80 Concept Car

At number 13 we have the Infinity Q80. The Infinity Q80 is silver on wheels, stunningly coloured with a sleek curved roof design. It will take your mind to the next level.  Comfort is the main point of attraction with this concept, drivers of the future could possibly sleep through a ride.

No.14 - Toyota S –FR

Toyota S – FR Concept Car

We have Toyota S – FR at number 14. Released at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, the Toyota S –FR is staggeringly stylish, comfortably taking racing to a whole new level. Virtually available as a video game, the car is a crowd pleaser and teaser.

No.15 - Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept Car

No.15 on the list has to be Bugatti Gran Turismo. The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo has a charming blue body, rides like skates on ice on bends and has a whopping top speed of 250mph. Though it already seems like a perfect future racing car what specifically makes this car a hyper-racing car of the future is its Carbon Fibre W16 Engine setting it apart from anything to have come close to its kind before.

No.16 - McLaren MP4-X

McLaren MP4-X Concept Car

At 16, we have the future of racing cars: McLaren MP4-X. Like a lizard effortlessly changing colour, the McLaren MP4 X has a special feature preventing head injuries. It’s not your regular safety measures, it’s a photochromic, hydrophobic, high-impact shield that covers the cockpit, changing its tinting depending on the light conditions and adamantly dispelling any water – I know, you might want to read that again!.

No.17 - Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E Concept Car

No.17 on the list is the Porsche Mission E. Porsche Mission E raises the bar of all that has come before in the Powerful Porsche history, with a concept car that teases electric cars by introducing a charging time of less than 60mins! Porsche is going up and only up to success! 

No.18 - LeSee

LeSee Concept Car

We then have LeSee at 18. A fairground-like Ferris wheel that can be folded away is exactly what the steering wheel is like with the LeSee. It can be put away and turned into autonomous car mode; the ‘drivers’ feet can go up as the speed tops at 130mph. A car we will all be waiting for (p.s may take a while). 

No. 19 - Honda Project 2&4

Honda Project 2&4 Concept Car

At 19 is the Honda Project 2&4. A bike or a car, maybe both? You decide. Designed by 80 engineers, The Honda Project 2&4 is a compact mouse-like car, running freely on the road of the future, enticing all those who pass-by. It has an impressive sports car look and features that make any other precedent racing car look pale in comparison.

No.20 - Volkswagen Tristar

Volkswagen Tristar Concept Car

And the penultimate car of the future on our list is Volkswagen Tristar. So who makes use of Trucks and Big vehicles? Heavily built middle aged men, right? (So they are suitable for heavy load lifting). Now what Volkswagen Tristar does, is it directly engages with the needs of its drivers, with an inbuilt coffee machine and fridge, great for the early riders and the late summer projects! This concept car is practical, functional and incredibly good looking with its neon orange paint – a definite all-around winner.

So there you have it, a quick rundown of the top mind-blowing concept cars of recent years! They are striking, smart and absolutely stunning. They are the cars of the future: a utopian future (probably all electrical) that we cannot wait for...

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