24 Jun '16

Bespoke Company Number Plates used for Marketing


Have you ever come across an advertisement for a big brand name and noticed the cars do not have real number plates on them? You may ask why this is done for advertisements and also what impact does it have on the viewers, so below we will explain this.

Advertisements for promotional purposes are fictitious, by this we mean they are not real, untrue and made from the directors free imagination. When it comes to promotional advertisements, the boundaries are limitless so the creator of the advert wants every little bit about that promotion to impact the viewer and stamp the necessary information in the viewers head. Let’s take car advertisements as a big example and we will use the new Nissan GT-R online promo for this.




As you can see from this frozen frame we snapped from the video, this car does not have a number plate on show, but in fact has a showroom number plate displaying ‘NISSAN GT-R’. Although many people know this car by now, promotional campaigns like this feel that it finishes an advertisement off by slapping these plates on as a finishing touch to create a professional look to the campaign. If the car had normal country plates on, it will not feel like this is in fact an advertisement produced officially by Nissan themselves, which is another reason why it is done. Some people may argue, why not completely strip it from having a plate altogether if it’s just for the sake of an advertisement? Well the reason for that is; a) Something is missing from the area where a registration plate would normally go, b) takes away the subtle chance for Nissan to stamp their brand and model of the car.

There are various advertisements that novelty number plates get used for, feel free to share these on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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