10 Jun '16

Lord Aleem buys a few more Lambo's

Aleems Huracan Spyder

Aleem Iqbal who goes by the name Lord Aleem is a 21 year old well known Instagram user with around 530k followers on his very active account which mainly shows off his supercars and all other car related posts. Aleem also has an active YouTube channel that is growing with over 270k subscribers. Aleem is the son of Saleem Iqbal who is the owner of a luxury car hire company called Platinum Executive Travel which is known as PET by many, hence the fleet of cars which have the last 3 characters of the number plates reading ‘PET’.

Aventador Aleem

Aleem and his father have recently took the social media scene by storm by bringing in a few more Lamborghini’s to the scene quicker than it takes the time and money to buy 3 Kia Picanto’s. In recent uploads the red Aventador is now back displaying the number plates ‘F1 TDY’ which most likely stands for F1 TOY. This Aventador was previously seen partially in flames but was saved in time and now is back as new. Then arrived a brand new Lamborghini Huracan to add to the other Huracan already on the fleet, so one of them was last year’s displaying the registration plates ‘LH15 PET’ which we assume stands for Lamborghini Huracan of 2015 and PET short for Platinum Executive Travel, the new Huracan displays a similar number plate which is LH16 PET, so the same meaning with just the 16 to stand for 2016.

SV Aleem

The Lambo’s don’t stop there as on 31st May, the Instagram star posted a picture of a freshly delivered Lamborghini Huracan Spyder with the number plates reading LS16 PET, these we assume stand for Lamborghini Spyder of 2016 then the company name of PET at the end. Hold on, these guys are still not stopping there because a real beast is on it’s way which has a hefty price tag and you won’t see many around. This is the Lamborghini Aventador SV Edition which was posted on Aleem’s Instagram page on 24th May with a expensive number plate reading ’41 EEM’ already attached on the car. This plate as you may have guess, stands for Aleem. The post itself stated ‘being prepared for delivery’ so we are not aware of any confirmed delivery dates for this beast. 

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