10 Feb '16

Are YouTubers making money?

YouTube Zoella

We have all watched videos online, and the most popular video sharing site known to all ages is YouTube. Many people want to create their own channel on YouTube nowadays in the hope for success by hitting those magical numbers of views and channel subscribers. The question you might ask is, Is it really worth it?

Well if you use common sense when judging a YouTube star with millions of subscribers, it surely must be worth it if all they do is upload new videos every day. Think about it, a normal working class person will struggle to find the time to create a video and edit it alongside the other workloads most of us have. So if we ever did do it, the only reason why we would do it is for some fame or financial gain, and to do it everyday or VLOG our entire life, there has to be some reward for it.

The truth is that YouTubers do make some good money, we will not get too technical about it but in brief it is all to do with channel subscribers, video views, likes and comments. You may ask how can you make money from that? Well have you ever watched a YouTube video and been hit with an advertisement at the start? Well that is what someone has paid for and maybe a small percentage of what they have paid gets given to the channel owner.

Other ways these channel owners can make money is by being requested by companies who want to promote their product who may find a particular channel to be more suited than the rest. It is worth watching a few videos from the more well known YouTube stars to have a better idea of how much they must be rolling in when you see the type of cars they drive and the houses they live in.

YouTube videos can be great fun to create and sometimes you may be in luck that your views start rolling from the very first upload. Videos uploaded on YouTube can get blocked if copyrighted background music is used, so always try to refrain from using it when you do start creating those videos. Remember, exposure is the key to success. This means stamping your channel name in your viewers mind across all social networks, blogs and forums. Consider going to events related to your channel genre and invest in some of our show plates to promote your channel whilst you are there.

The above is just what we think how YouTube stars will be doing and what kind of money they will be making. These are all assumptions and have not been verified so you should always do your own research. We have not visited any other website to view what YouTube stars actually make.

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