15 Jan '16

The norm for personalised number plates

The Norm

Here we are in 2016 where the demand for personalised registrations just keeps on growing. Private number plates were once known to be only owned by someone with plenty of spare cash, a type of person who wants that extra road presence and someone who does not feel their vehicle is actually their own until they stick on their custom number plate to the vehicle instead of random age related combinations.

Today, custom combinations of registrations seem to be the norm, it’s like they soon will be taking over and hardly any one will be driving around with age related combinations that are randomly issued to them. It is not only the celebrities of today that we see with private plates, a huge number of people tend to buy or are gifted with personalised registrations before they even pass their driving test. So they are already waiting to hit the roads not just with their first car, but their first car that is personalised with a unique combination special to them.

Private number plates can be very expensive, the more you narrow the search for your perfect combination, the higher the price you will have to pay. So clever investors who purchased what are good quality combinations of today are in for a serious financial gain if they decide to sell to the market of today. However many investors still refuse to let go of their entitlements to these marks and still believe the market for these combinations will rise higher than today.

We think private number plates can be great; however there are some combinations which are rather silly, in our eyes, the more accurate and shorter the combination, the higher the value. On the other hand, the less accurate and difficult to make out combination, you are best to just stick to your randomly given age related identifier.

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