09 Oct '15

Novelty Number Plates - What are they?

novelty number plates

To someone who reads the term ‘’novelty number plates’’, it gets a little confusing to understand what exactly they are.  So in this little guide, we will break it down for you.


First of all let’s get the definition of the word novelty out of the way with the help of a search engine. According to a quick Google™ search, two meanings of the word show up. The first meaning is ‘’the quality of being new, original or unusual’’ and the second meaning is ‘’a small and inexpensive toy or ornament’’. Well, both can be applied to novelty number plates, they are new, original or unusual and can be treated like an ornament.


Having the novelty part out of the way, here is the confusion for some when they hear the number plate’s part. What? Novelty number plates, what kind of number plates are these? Are these ornaments for my car in place of my number plates? Let’s get the explaining out of the way followed by some examples.


Novelty number plates, sometimes known as fancy plates, show plates, name plates or sign plates are plates made from number plate material for a novelty use. The places these types of plates may be seen are at car shows, car showrooms, weddings, in trucks or even used as signs in or around houses or businesses. They tend to have names or messages as a main text, for example a car show may have the model name of a new car displayed in space of where actual number plates would go, but due to the car being a demo which is there simply for advertisement and not physically on the road, the plates are the perfect idea to finish the car off when on show.


Truck drivers would normally have their name on there, a couple due to get married may have both names on there with the date of their special day and some may just have a message on there like ‘DAVE’S CAVE’.


Well there you go guys, it was not so hard as it seems. Novelty number plates are off road customisable plates used in numerous places. So go ahead and create yours today. G3T D3S1GN1NG!!

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