03 Dec '12

Dragons fanatic about number plates!


We know and you must know that rich business men and women love to own private number plates to personalise their vehicles, this could be anything from their names, business names or names of their siblings.

We have highlighted some successful business minded individuals below, and the number plates they own. These 3 men are all from the show called Dragons Den. These guys invest in potential business ideas in return for a share of the company they invest into, but be careful, these guys know business and know what is valuable, and will not buy or invest into anything they see no money in. I guess the number plates they own reflects what they mean by investing into the right things in life.

Theo Paphitis

The registration numbers he owns are : T1HEO (Theo), RYM4N (Ryman), LA53 NZA (Lasenza) and plenty more. At one point it was rumoured that he purchased 'WA11 KER' for a friend and stuck the plates on his car until he realised and took them off.

James Caan

James Caan owns '28 JC' which simply are his initials and this plate was last spotted on a Rolls Royce Phantom. James has stated his wife also owns her name number plate and he is looking out for one for his daughter. James agrees that number plates are a sound investment and when you have your particular combination, it is good to know only you are the owner of that number and no one else has the same.

Duncan Bannatyne

Duncan states that buying custom number plates is a cheaper alternative to buying a new car as it hides the age of the car. One of his combinations are on his gym maintenance van which is 'F1 TSO'. Duncan says he has owned many number plate combinations and that most of them are sold by now, he agrees that having the right combination can often return a good profit.

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