30 Sep '16

Top 5 Most Wanted Private Number Plates In The World!

In the world of private number plates, there are many that mean something special to their owners, whether it is a name or a special number, but those that shout the wow factor to the big crowd are often the combinations owned by the rich and famous. Private number plates are also a good way of adding value to your car, in the case of the ones mentioned, these have significantly raised the value of the vehicle, as well as the number plate itself being worth more than multiple vehicles combined. Below are our Top 5 choices of private number plates:

Most Wanted Number Plate of the World, Number 5!

Registration Number: M1    Purchased by: Mike McCoomb     Year Purchased: 2006     Price: £330,000

M1 Registration plate

Mike McCoomb, the mobile store founder, purchased the “M1” plate shortly after selling his mobile phone store to BT Cellnet, for a record breaking £330,000. The plate reportedly bought for his son's sixth birthday, is estimated to rise significantly by the time he is able to legally drive. Before Mr Collins made his purchase, the plate was originally kept on a rare 1900 Mercedes Benz in the Tatton Park grounds. The plate was put up for sale in an attempt to raise money for the grounds, which proved successful. Brendan Flanagan, the general manager of Tatton Park commented on the sale stating “this will allow the new Tatton Park Charitable Trust to do so much in support of our conservation, education and access projects for years to come” according to the Manchester evening news .

Most Wanted Number Plate of the World, Number 4!

Registration Number: F1    Purchased by: Afzal Khan     Year Purchased: 2008     Price: £440,000

F1 plate

This registration number is a 111 year old plate from the UK and was bought by Afzal Khan 8 years ago. The sought after number plate was auctioned from Essex County Council and reached a huge figure of £440,000. The owner of the number plate is Mr. Afzal Khan, entrepreneur from Bradford who owns the famous Project Kahn brand also known as A.Kahn Design. Kahn also owns a range of other valuable number plate combinations, in regards to the F1 number plate, he stated '' I have spent years chasing it, I cannot believe I've finally got it''. The plate was previously assigned to his McLaren- Mercedes SLR but can now be found attached to the front of his Bugatti Veyron supercar. Recently, sources confirmed that the owner of the most valuable ''F1'' registration turned down an offer of a staggering £6million for the mark, and stated that the value of quality number plates like this only goes up. This has prompted many to believe the council may have settled for less than the plate was worth. Mr Khan has denied claims that he is currently selling the plate but it has stated by RegTransfers that he would consider selling the number plate if a suitable sum were offered.

Most Wanted Number Plate of the World, Number 3!

Registration Number: 25 O    Purchased by: John Collins     Year Purchased: 2014     Price: £518,000

25 0 Number Plate

This number plate is the priciest ever sold by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), bought by classic Ferrari dealer John Collins in 2014. Although it was the priciest ever sold by DVLA, Mr Collins, who owns classic Ferrari dealer Talacrest, stated he would have continued to bid further at the auction to secure the plate which matches the 250 model. The plate which is estimated to be worth millions of pounds could have reached an ever higher bid as Mr Collins had stated “I hate to say it but it could have been the first £1m number plate. I’m glad it wasn’t, but I hope one day it will be.”

Most Wanted Number Plate of the World, Number 2!

Registration Number: 5     Purchased by: Talal Khoury     Year Purchased: 2007     Price: Approx £3.5million

plate 5

This single character number plate was bought by Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury, the CEO of Al Awael Holding. Mr Khoury set a record when he paid a large sum for the plate making it the second most expensive plate ever bought. Mr. Khoury clearly stated that buying the number plate had no real significance to himself and insisted that even if the price went up to 50 million Dhirams, he still would have paid that figure due to the cause of the money raised from the number plate was ''so sublime''. He also stated that even though he was pleased with the number plate, his joy of purchasing the mark was due to the proceedings from the number plate going to causes that rehabilitate people with special needs and those injured in traffic accidents. All the proceeds from the auction were to be used to build a national rehabilitation centre for traffic accident victims which is the first of its kind in the UAE. The centre provides physiotherapy, psychological support, and recreational support amongst other medical services.  

Most Wanted Number Plate of the World, Number 1!

Registration Number: 1      Purchased by: Saeed Al Khoury    Year Purchased: 2008     Price: Approx £7.25 million

plate 1

We had to give the number 1 spot to the number 1 number plate. Who would not like to have the solo digit ’1’ on their number plates? The owner of this mark stated '' Who doesn't like to be the best in the world?'' This number plate is still the most valued registration number in the world and has earned itself a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Mr Khoury is still the record holder of the most expensive number plate in the world. Plate ‘1’ sold for more than double the price of the previous most expensive number plate.

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