11 Nov '16

Regain A Sense of Pride with Scottish Number Plates

“Sick of That EU Flag”


Replacement Scottish Number Plates


With the vote’s now over, and everything well under way for a proper ‘Brexit’ in the coming 2 years, many motorists across the UK have already begun to show the European Union flag their revulsion.

Using nothing but sheer D.I.Y innovation in their attempts to hide our “dictated-past”, UK motorists have resorted to the famous black tape, and have decided to cover the once high-flying stars of the EU flag symbol.

Instead, a host of Union Jack stickers amongst The Saltire, are now ever-present by motorists in Scotland, turning EU number plates effectively into Scottish number plates. Genius.


What’s all the Fuss about?


“It’s time to take back control after Brexit” argue drivers across the country. And with most motorists confused about the looming aspect of the new break-up, DVLA has already issued a statement saying “it’s too early to say” what would happen to flags regulations on new plates to arrive in March 2017 and onward.


Some motorists have taken it to themselves, to sort this commotion:


Design Scottish Number Plates


Before You Do the Same…


Remember: It is illegal for any vehicle on the road to be travelling with an obscure number plate. Yes, that includes a poor attempt at sticking on a 50p flag off eBay on lettering.

Traffic Specialists have warned “Any attempt to cover up part of the registration number itself would absolutely be an offence”. And further add “Using reflective material like duct tape could interfere with a speed camera flash, or using a black masking tape in a thin strip could look like a number 1, or an L character”.


Build Scottish Number Plates


What’s a classier way to show your patriotism?

A set of high-quality replacement Scottish number plates, of course. Not only are they incredibly easy to design, you can have your Scottish number plates sent right to your doorstep, fast – especially if you order before 2pm (order before 2pm and we will post them on the same day!)

So instead of using black tape, or even reflective tape, display your patriotism with fully road-legal Scottish number plates built to road-legal standards, by us.

The great thing is, your car can still maintain its classy look without you resorting to tacky black tape, and sticking on The Saltire by hand.


Scottish Flag Identifier on Number Plate

“I firmly believe the lack of respect to law, order and the individual is rooted in the fact that we don't have pride in our country anymore. Regaining a sense of pride will hopefully make us better citizens and able to work together for the benefit of all. So, I'm all for displaying my country's flag if this small gesture helps.” Dave R


How to Design Your Own Scottish Number Plates?


Before You Do Anything: Click on the huge ‘Try it Now’ banner below, and then head back here to read on.


Step One: Select plate type to ‘Road Legal’.


Step Two: Enter your number plate details in the black box below, where it says “Enter Registration or Text”.


Step Three: Click on the ‘Badge’ tab, and select ‘European’ as your badge type.


Step Four: Select any badge of Scotland. You have many options to choose from.


Step Five: Click ‘BUY NOW’ and that’s it. Simply fill in your payment details and we'll have your scottish number plates dispatched immediately.


Start designing your Scottish number plates now with our easy-to-use number plate builder →


Build Scottish Number Plates

Create great looking Road Legal Number Plates or Novelty Show Plates

Our Number Plate Builder has an extensive range of options you could add to your show plates or custom road legal number plates, allowing you to see what your replacement number plates or novelty plates will look like, before you pay for them.

Design Your Plates

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