13 Aug '16

Bradford Classic Car Event

Bradford Classic Car Event

Petrolhead? Connoisseur of automobiles, especially from the golden era of the sixties and up? And looking to see the creative prowess of owners and their show plates at their finest?

If the answer is yes, then Bradford’s award-winning City Park has just the event to rev up your nostalgic heartstrings with the spectacular showing of the Bradford Classic Car Show.

Make your way down on Saturday 13th August between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm to witness histories’ finest automobiles in all their glory, here in the modern day.

The Bradford classic car show will display the wonderful cars of the sixties and respective show plates to blow your mind. From British favourites, drop-top American and classic German automobiles too – the event is anticipating a jaw-dropping 10,000 people of all ages to be visiting the spectacle at the heart of Bradford.

City centre manager, Jonny Noble said ‘great vibe, live stage music, vintage fair, auto jumble and other stalls, as well as attractions for children', will be plentiful so whether you are big or small, young or old; there is something for every member of the family to fully enjoy come the day.

The stars of the event will no doubt be the incredible motors produced from an era not lost to those reaching retirement age, but just as exciting for those with a more youthful outlook on the era that brought about the iconic E-Type Jaguar.

The majority of cars in the sixties had more modern conveniences that are taken for granted nowadays with the instance of power steering, mass-utilized disc brakes, and automatic transmissions to name a few. Further inventions such as the electronic fuel injection system developed in ’66 meant the sixties was really shaping up to be an era of great merit.

So don’t be a bore. Head on down on Saturday 13th August between 10:00 am to 4:00, and compare the amazing technologies of today we take for granted, with those of yesteryears?

The sixties cars are old enough to be truly considered as classics whilst still offering a driving experience similar to what you are experiencing now.

However, with the ways cars have evolved over the years there is a lot that has changed too; the exterior swooping styling of vehicles, the plush interior layouts, fancier and colourful wheel choices - and lots more for you to indulge vehicles of the older decades.

If you’re an avid car collector yourself, why not speak to the owners on their pride and joy?

Get up close and personal with the rich heritage, and stories to be told and heard by those at the forefront of vintage car collecting. This is your opportunity to do so this year.

Remember: More than 300 classic vehicles will be showcased over two days beginning on Saturday 13th August 2016, so bring friends and family and broaden your knowledge of vintage cars.

Standard admission and admission with the classic car are both free, so you’ve no excuse not to head down to the City Park.

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