Terms & Conditions

Please read and accept the following terms and conditions carefully. If you are uncertain of anything listed in these terms and conditions then please contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.

The terms and conditions listed below apply to all of the business transactions carried out by Angel Plates which will be referred as the 'Company'.

The individual applying for goods or services offered by the 'Company' will be referred as the 'Purchaser'.


We do not store credit card details, nor do we share customer details with any third parties.


Your statutory rights are not affected. It is important that all terms and conditions are read and agreed upon before any order is placed by the Purchaser from the Company, as this forms a contract between the Company and the Purchaser.

The Purchaser is held responsible for providing the correct details on the Company website for forms that are filled in. Orders are processed using all submitted details on the website forms, therefore all responsibility is of the Purchaser to provide the correct information before placing any order. We the Company, hold no responsibility for incorrect details being entered onto the website forms. The goods the Company provides are bespoke to Purchaser requirements. Under the Distance Selling Regulation's, we the Company must inform you that when you place an order for a product or service through our website, we begin to process this order as soon as it is placed by the Purchaser, therefore there is no 'cooling off period', the order cannot be cancelled and refunds cannot be agreed upon.

When the 'Road Legal Plates' option is selected, if you enter incorrect spacing for your Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) we will automatically correct this in accordance with the DVLA guidelines as stated on our 'IMPORTANT GUIDELINES' information box on the home page. Road legal number plates that display a VRM will prompt the Purchaser to supply relevant documentation which is a requirement of law, the Purchaser must comply with this as orders cannot be cancelled or refunded if the Purchaser decides not to send in their evidence to the Company. The 'Novelty Show Plates' option is for any other usage apart from VRMs. There are no design restrictions in place as these plates are not legal number plates that display a VRM and will not be used and should not be used on the UK highway.

In circumstances where the transactions cannot be completed for whatever reason, a full refund will be given for any payment already made, providing that the failure is of the Company and through no fault of the Purchaser. The liability of the Company is strictly limited to providing a full refund of the order value subtracting any costs already incurred. The company is not responsible for any other costs such as interest on monies paid, claims for damages etc. There is no guarantee or a definite agreed time period for the full transaction, from order to delivery. We the Company cannot be held responsible for errors or delays in the postal services used. All issues or problems with an order, once delivered, must be notified to the Company by the Purchaser within 7 days of receipt.


We offer delivery options which constantly change based upon the current business requirements.

Same day despatch is available on weekdays only and orders placed after 3pm on a Friday are classed as Monday orders. Road legal number plates cannot be dispatched until relevant documents are received and are acceptable. Choosing a suitable delivery option is down to the Purchaser and will vary in cost.

Delivery can be expected within a few days of despatch. However, whilst every effort is made to despatch orders in a reasonable timescale. The Company cannot be held responsible for any delays such as the delays or errors in the Postal System or delays from the Purchaser supplying additional details to complete a transaction. Royal Mail allows  15 days before an item is considered lost. Non-delivered items will be replaced at our discretion after a reasonable time has elapsed for delivery.


We try not to allow copyrighted trademarks on this website, however on this website you may see familiar logos which could have been uploaded by a user of this website. The Company would like to state that we are not associated with any of these companies whose logo is on our website nor do we have the intention to be associated with any of these companies. If you are an owner of a logo on this website and disapprove it from being used on this website then please contact us for immediate removal. If the request is genuine, we will remove any logo requested without delay.


The Company manufactures both road legal number plates and bespoke designed novelty show plates. Novelty show plates as stated are intended for non-registration use only. These plates may be used for sign purposes, such as garage door signs stating a message. The plates may be used as show plates for vehicles such as on car shows, car showrooms, off road or rally use and anywhere where the law does not apply, such as on private land. Due to the restrictions given by the 'DVLA' for UK customers, novelty show plates cannot be used to display Vehicle Registration Marks and display them with a non compliant design. Novelty show plates sold on this site are sold for off-road use only, therefore the Company cannot be held responsible if the Purchaser or any other party uses these plates on Public Roads. The finished plates will closely resemble the online plate builder, however this may differ due to the limitations of the website. Small variations in the materials used may occur, however all plates supplied will meet the required standard laid down by law. In any circumstance, the Company cannot be held responsible for the Purchase of novelty show plates as these are customised plates that are designed by you for non-registration purposes. The Purchaser shall have the duty to follow the law at all times.

There is no guarantee or verbal condition unstated within these Terms & Conditions unless specifically in writing by a senior representative of the Company. If for any reason, any condition of this agreement is stated to be invalid by a competent jurisdiction, the above mentioned will remain valid and in force. These Terms & Conditions are of the Company and the agreement is set between both parties in the respect of this purchase.