07 Oct '17

‘’Where did we go?’’ and ‘’When are we back?’’

Show Use Only

It’s been a long time since an update so here is why we were temporarily closed and when we should be taking orders again.

In the last few months, our website has had some changes which is primarily to follow the guidelines set out by the DVLA. The DVLA is in charge of who should be selling number plates that contain a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) and who should not. Anyone who does needs to be registered with the DVLA, which of course we are. However, to supply number plates that contain a VRM, original evidence needs to be seen prior to the order being received. The term original means physical proof in front of our eyes and not digital scans or photographs.  Many online players are offering digital emails to be sent with required proof, but in all honesty, this is an illegal practice.

So, a long story short is that we are only going to be accepting orders online for show plates which do not contain a VRM. This means plates that are for birthday messages, names, and weddings and for hundreds of other signage uses. We are not going to accept orders for plates that contain a VRM through our website any more due to the current laws and security of documents being digitally sent to us as the DVLA believes these documents can easily be manipulated and therefore the end purchaser potentially being a criminal trying to obtain number plates for some serious criminal activity.

So guys, thank you for taking the time to read the above and rest assured we will be back for your show plate needs in about a week or so as we are fixing a few little bits on the websites.

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