Will my novelty plates or replacement number plates be of high quality?

All show number plates are quality inspected and must meet a 'high quality' standard before despatched. So be assured, your in good hands.

I can't find my plate size. Do you stock other sizes of number plates other than the ones on your website?

If you find that your required number plate size is not listed on our site, please contact us as we may be able to get the size custom made for you. That way you can have a unique sized novelty show plate or a road legal number plate that fits perfectly with your car.

Is it safe for me enter my credit card details to buy my plates through your site?

Absolutely! We use PayPal as our safe and secure checkout which means we do not see or store any of your details. So be confident on buying your road legal plates or novelty plates through ourselves.

Will my replacement number plates arrive pre drilled?

No, both road legal number plates or novelty show plates will not come pre drilled. This is because we can never get the mounting holes correct as every car has holes for screws in different positions and only you, the buyer would know the exact positions of the holes to drill into your new number plates by using your old plates as a guide. Please view 'Fitting' page for more info.

Am I buying a registration if I buy a set of these plates?

No, we supply the actual number plates or off road novelty plates. If you type in a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) selecting the 'Road Legal' option, we prompt you to provide supporting identity and VRM entitlement documents. We do not sell registration numbers.

Can I cancel my order at anytime?

No. This is because from the moment you buy your replacement number plates or novelty show plates, we begin to process your order. As this is a bespoke, made to specification item, it cannot be re-sold. If you require information, or are unsure about anything, please contact us before hand as once your payment is processed, refunds cannot be made.

I have a custom requirement for my showplates which I can't do on the plate builder. Can you cater for my needs?

Absolutely! If there is a font, size or any other requirement you want on your showplates in a more custom way, then do not hesitate to contact us, we will follow your instructions and try to provide you with a picture of how your show plates will look before you pay for them.

Do you ship these show plates internationally?

Yes we ship show plates internationally. Please make sure you select an international postal charge at checkout before completing your order to ensure quick despatch.

Can I use show plates on a road going car?

No. This is because novelty show plates are designed on the basis of being for show use only, such as for signs, bedroom door names, motorshows or any other off road use. Only text must be entered into the 'Your Text' box, NOT registration numbers! You need to select the ‘Road Legal’ option if you want plates for road use in the UK.

Do you sell fixing kits when I buy my road legal or novelty show plates?

Yes we do, a fixing kit is automatically added to your cart which you can then choose to leave on or remove it before you follow through to the checkout.

Will my number plates or novelty show plates order fit through my letter box?

Yes, both road legal plates and novelty plates will fit through your letter box and arrive securely in a padded envelope. In some circumstance, such as when a signed for option is selected or the parcel is too big to fit through your letter box, then for this you will need to either sign for them or attend to the door to collect them.

Can I make a sign using the plate builder?

es absolutely! Firstly you should select the 'Novelty Show Plates' option as this allows you to add extra options to create a custom plate. Show number plate material is great for sign purposes such as 'NO PARKING' OR 'NO ENTRY'. The possibilities are endless and we have a huge range of badges you could benefit from that would be ideal for you sign plate needs. Also, if you are after something truly unique, then we can send over a design based upon your requirements.

What show number plate colour do you recommend for a sign plate?

We suggest using any white(front) show plate to design your sign plate as this correctly resembles a sign and also you design features (such as blue text) will show best on a white (front) plate. The yellow show plate will make certain colours appear darker such as the colour blue if selected for the text colour or border, will appear darker on a yellow show plate.

Do you offer legal styled replacement number plates?

Yes you can use this site to design road legal number plates. You must select the 'Road Legal Plates' option for road legal number plates. This will then only allow you to select legal plate options. You must provide supporting documents for legal number plates that display a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM).

What fonts are road legal in the UK for number plates?

The legal style fonts when you select the ‘Road Legal Plates’ option are:
Standard, Standard 3D, Hi Line & Carbon.

Are you registered with the DVLA to make number plates?

Yes we are and all number plate suppliers need to be registered with the DVLA. This means following the guidelines set out by the DVLA to make number plates that comply with the guidelines set out by the DVLA and verifying customers documents which prove the customers identity and relation to the registration mark. Our road legal number plates are manufactured by Klick Plates and the supplier identification number (SID) is : 52942

Why do you need to see my documents for road legal number plates?

We understand this may seem inconvenient, but it is a requirement of law to verify these documents before despatching road legal number plates. We will have your order ready for despatch almost immediately from the point of ordering but these will NOT be dispatched until we see your original evidence which can be uploaded before payment, emailed or posted to us.

Will my road legal number plates display the supplier details and the 'BSAU145d' markings?

Yes, the supplier details and BSAU145d markings must be displayed in the bottom of all road legal number plates. These are not placed there for our advertisement, but are a requirement of the law in place to show where the number plates have come from in the event they need to be tracked back to identify the purchaser. These markings can be read but do not affect your plates design as they are only around 2.5mm tall.

Will you make my road legal number plates with incorrect spacing?

No, your road legal number plates will be manufactured in accordance to the V796 document guidelines set out by the DVLA. We will NOT mis-space or mis-represent your order for road legal number plates.

Are Borders Legal in the UK on replacement number plates?

Yes all border in any colour are legal, so go ahead and preview what those plates will look like. Due to printing on transparent material, the border colours Blue, Light Blue, Navy, Gold & Pink will not display correctly on yellow plates. For example, the colour Blue appears almost Black on a yellow plate.

What side badges are legal on number plates?

Only the European Identifiers group of badges are legal, such as GB EURO, Union Jack, Isle of Man, England, Wales, Scotland etc.

What is the difference between show plates and number plates?

Show plates are made from the same high quality materials as number plates, however number plates can be used on the road and show plates are for text, such as words or messages.

Are your show number plates reflective?

Yes, as previously stated, our show plates are made from the same high quality materials as number plates, so have the same factors as number plates such as being water tight, reflective etc.